In Clothes Called Fat – Manga Review

Noko is adrift in the world. She doesn’t think of herself as unhappy per se, but neither is she happy. Her coworkers taunt her expanding waistline, but at least she has a long-term boyfriend on whom she can depend. However, when an especially spiteful coworker sets her eyes on him, Noko turns to drastic measures to seek happiness–only to learn that happiness might not be what she expects.

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Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior – Anime Review

All Usa wanted was to shed his Freak Show ringmaster nickname. In middle school the weirdos flocked to him, and while he was generally well-regarded, this magnetism did not serve him well. So when he moved to the Kawai boarding house to live on his own for high school, he thought those days were over–and then he met his housemates.


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Yowamushi Pedal – Anime Review

Although he starts as just an anime otaku trying to save money for trips to Akihabara, Onoda Sakamichi turns out be a talented cyclists, particularly when it comes to climbing hills. He garners the interest of various members of the high school cycling club, and before he knows it, he’s part of the core team going to the Inter-High competition.


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