Noragami – Anime Review

Hiyori was just a normal, wrestling-loving, high school girl until she tries to push a young man out of the way of a car accident. The young man turned out to be a god, and his attempt at keeping her from dying wasn’t perfectly successful. She’s decided that until he finishes the job, she’ll stick near him, even though that often causes her a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

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What Did You Eat Yesterday? v. 1 – Manga Review

Although his day job is practicing law, Shiro spends much of his time thinking about and preparing food. His home-cooked meals are both simple and extravagant, and quite the treat for his boyfriend, Kenji. If only all of life was so easy as balancing the savory and sweetness in a meal.

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Spring Anime 2014 – First Impressions

With the arrival of spring, so comes my pledge to avoid starting too many simulcasts because there’s no way I’ll be able to keep up with much with all of the potential for outdoor activities and yard work. This spring also seems to be the Sports Anime Spectacular–new shows on volleyball, tennis, sumo, and table tennis with continuations for favorite bicycling and baseball shows as well. In fact, I think nearly half of the shows that I’m going to watch this season are sports series (new or continuing).


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Winter Anime 2014 – Season Review (pt 2)

With the new anime series for the spring beginning to air, it’s time to wrap up a few last winter shows and realize that the rest are just going to have to join the ever-growing streaming backlog. I might restart Kill la Kill so I can watch it with Paradox anyway. I think it deserves better attention than I gave it when I watched the fall episodes (plus I haven’t watched any of the winter episodes).



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Winter Anime 2014 – Season Review (pt 1)

Usually I have at least a little bit of self control when it comes to anime. Unfortunately, at the start of the Winter 2014 season, I decided to try out a lot of series–more series than it was feasible for me to follow. I’ve caught up with a few of the shows, and had a couple that I just kept up with in general, but I’m still pretty far behind so there will likely be a part 2 (and perhaps a part 3) to my season wrap-up. Of the shows that I’ve finished thus far, I only completely regret watching one of them.


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Wake Up, Girls! – Midterm Review

Shimada Mayu left the life of an idol after a falling out with the hit group I-9. Struggling with her pain, she avoids the topic of idols. However, when her friend decided to audition for a new group that’s forming in Sendai she offers moral support and eventually gets pulled back into the spotlight as a member of the Wake Up, Girls!

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Ask the Passengers – Book Review

Astrid’s place in this world isn’t all that clear to her. So much of the teenage identity is based around who you’re dating, who you like, and who you hang around with. Astrid isn’t especially interested in dating, or at least she isn’t sure if she is. And with her family crumbling around her, she decides to focus her love on the passengers in the airplanes flying over her head every day.

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Nisekoi – Midterm Review

Ichijou Raku thought he had enough trouble just keeping his family business (yakuza) under wraps at school. Then along came Kirisaki Chitoge, a pretty and energetic transfer student who he just can’t seem to get along with. It wouldn’t matter, except Kirisaki’s family is in the same line of “work” and to keep the peace between these rival gangs, their fathers decide that they need to pretend to be in love. Surely that won’t be so hard…right?


Pay no attention to the man in the tree.

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Allegiant – Book Review

After learning the truth about their city, Tris and her band of friends make their way to the outside world, determined to find something different, something that answers their questions. However, the more of the truth they learn in this new world, the more angry and confused Tris becomes and when she decides to act, it is to great effect.

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