Landline – Book Review

Georgie’s big dream was coming true: Passing Time was finally going to be picked up. She’d been working on ideas for the show for nearly 20 years with her writing partner, and finally all of that work would pay off. However, all of that work was mostly still in their heads. Getting it into actual, modern scripts would take time, time that they weren’t given enough of, and time where she was supposed to go with her family to visiting her mother-in-law in Omaha.

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Maria the Virgin Witch – Anime Review

War is an ongoing part of life if you happen to be living during the Hundred Years’ War waged between France and England. No matter your way of life, the war will touch you and likely you pull you into battle. That is certainly the cases for witches who serve as magical mercenaries to help turn the tide in one way or another. However, one witch refuses to assist, and instead foils battle after battle in an attempt to restore peace to her region.


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Yowamushi Pedal v. 1 – Manga Review

Entering high school is a chance to cast off the past and at least plan to form a new identity. Sakamichi Onoda’s plan is to go from enjoying his anime and manga hobbies alone to making a group of friends to share his excitement with. Unfortunately his plans go pear-shaped when it turns out that his new high school’s Anime Research Club has been disbanded due to lack of interest. He holds out hope of recruiting the requisite five members to restart it, but it seems fate has a very different extracurricular in mind for him: the Bicycle Racing Club.

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