Reading Roundup: January 25 – February 14, 2015

After blitzing through some volume 1s at the start of the year, I took a bit of a step back from manga and focused on the new anime season for a bit. Now I’m back to doing a bit of reading–although my mind isn’t processing things quite as well as I might like, so I’m sticking (in general) with relatively laid-back series (and non-manga) rather than those that I want to immerse myself in. It’s a bit cruel since I’m really yearning to read the latest volume of A Bride’s Story.

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Backlog Sampling: Lovely Complex

After doing reasonably well with tackling my backlog of anime DVDs/BDs (and streaming shows) in 2013, in 2014 I backslid. A lot. I may have only finished 1 backlog series the entire year, which is really poor progress. While the “Weekly Backlog” posts were not particularly sustainable because I didn’t have enough to say about any given episode of a show, they did at least keep me on track.

In 2015, I’m going to try a new approach: backlog sampling. Basically, I’ll watch the first disc (or 4 episodes for streaming or series with jam-packed discs) and decide if I like it and want to continue it then, like it but not in the mood (so will put it back on the shelf for a time when it fits my mood), not sure about it but due to reviews will put it back on the shelf (so will try another 4 episodes later and if that doesn’t work, give up), or if nothing suggests it will get better then I’ll drop it and remove from the collection.

I’ve recently been in a comedy mood, so I figured Love*Com would be a great option to try out my sampling procedure. It’s a show I blind-bought, but it’s received good reviews and has been well-received by other shoujo rom-com fans, after all.

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Winter Anime 2015 – First Impressions (Part 3)

It wasn’t necessarily intentional, but it seems I left most of the best stuff for last. Well, a few of the shows I checked out this week certainly don’t qualify as part of the best, but the majority had some charms and most were certainly more enjoyable than some of the shows I checked out earlier. In fact, I’m keeping all 7 from this week on my watch list. Although how I’ll manage to watch that many episodes of anime in any given week is a problem I’ll have to figure out later.

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Reading Roundup: Week of January 18, 2015

I’m currently working through my manga backlog as quickly as possible. While there are some series that I think deserve an in-depth review of volumes, many just don’t have that much that can be said about them. So I think I’ll start doing a bit of a roundup of what I’ve read in a week with just a brief paragraph/review. Up this week: lots of volume 1s from the Viz sale at Right Stuf in December, and some continuing series from Kodansha Comics and Vertical.

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Winter Anime 2015 – First Impressions (Part 2)

I’m taking a bit of an odd approach this season in deciding when to watch a show for the first time. Since I have habit of curling up in Crunchyroll and never leaving, I’ve decided to alternate between it and Funimation (if there are shows streaming on another platform, I’m sure I’ll try them out at some point, but nothing’s pushed me to do so yet). It’s a good way for me to actually make some use of my EVS–something I often I forget that I have.

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Winter Anime 2015 – First Impressions (Part 1)

I’m currently training for a half-marathon this spring, and Saturdays are when I do my long runs. After said runs, I have very little left in me, so I figured I may as well do something anime-related while I lounge about recovering, and so I’m going to take at least a peek at a few series this season. Of course, what I should be doing is finishing all of the series I’ve already started, but it’s so much more fun (okay, easier) to start things than to finish them, don’t you think?

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The Heart of Thomas – Manga Review

To Juli, one last time.
This is my love.
This is the sound of my heart.
Surely you must understand.

So goes the final testament of Thomas, the embodiment of love who was cherished by all students at Schlotterbach Gymnasium, and likewise loathed by the one whose love he sought. In death he seeks continued life, and so begins Hagio Moto’s The Heart of Thomas.

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Reflecting Lights 2014 Anime & Manga in Review

What a difference a year makes. After 2013 being one of my biggest anime-watching and manga-reading years, 2014 most certainly was not. It’s likely due to additional duties in my relatively new position at work which didn’t so much cut into my free time but rather tempered my non-work ambitiousness. Still, I did watch and read a few things, so I’ll try to keep up this short-lived tradition, particularly since posting has been so rare lately.

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PacSet Soul of Autumn – Tour Review

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted, so long in fact that the WordPress dashboard had changed a bit on me, and I wasn’t sure how to save a draft briefly.

Part of the silence was due to the well of writing desire/inspiration drying up. Either I didn’t read/watch anything worth reviewing, or I didn’t have the energy/desire to write about whatever it was that I had consumed. The other part of it, however, was that my time was being spent brushing up on my language skills and preparing for my first trip to Japan, a trip we would be taking as part of the tour group for PacSet Tours’ Soul of Autumn excursion.

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In Clothes Called Fat – Manga Review

Noko is adrift in the world. She doesn’t think of herself as unhappy per se, but neither is she happy. Her coworkers taunt her expanding waistline, but at least she has a long-term boyfriend on whom she can depend. However, when an especially spiteful coworker sets her eyes on him, Noko turns to drastic measures to seek happiness–only to learn that happiness might not be what she expects.

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