Backlog Sampling: Red Garden

After three straight misses (two of which led to straight up dismissals from my anime collection), I was apprehensive starting up my next Backlog Sample: Red Garden. Aside from hearing about its unique setup for voicing the characters, there’s little else that I’d seen said about the series. There wasn’t much buzz when it was originally released, and it’s certainly not a show that people are still talking about. However, I’m happy to say I finally have a blind-buy purchase that works for me, at least to an extent. It’s about time.

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Reading Roundup: March 30 – May 24, 2015

Paradox recently started his first play-through of Persona 4 for the PS2. With it on, it’s hard for me to put my attention on anything else (unless he happens to be level grinding), so I haven’t been consuming very much media of any sort (except perhaps music while running). There’s been a fair amount of rain, not to mention pollen, in the air so I’m finally getting back into my reading ways.

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Backlog Sampling: K-ON!

K-ON! is one of those shows that everyone talked when it first came out (and when it was finally released in the U.S.), but it’s not one that seems to have had a lot of lasting impact on anime fandom (or at least not in my circles). However, it was well-received initially, so I blind bought it awhile back, and finally took the time today to check it out.

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Winter Anime 2015 – Season Review (Part 1)

I probably overindulged in the number of anime I attempted to keep up with this season. Given that I never got around to a part 2 of the mid-season review, it’s apparent that I struggled to keep up with a few of the series that didn’t draw me in completely in the first episode or two, even if I did like them well enough to keep them on the watch list. All that said, I was quite impressed with several of the entries to the Winter Anime 2015 season. Overall, the season was a mix, but of the shows I stuck with, the majority will probably be purchased if they receive physical releases, and many will also be re-watches with Paradox down the road.

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Reading Roundup: March 17 – March 29, 2015

Between running, running injuries, and going back to my hometown to attend a funeral, I haven’t been reading a great deal the past few weeks, and it’s mostly been manga. However, I did also borrow My Friend Dahmer from the library, and it certainly lived up to the critical praise I’d heard about it.

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Backlog Sampling: The Wallflower

Although I had originally planned on tackling Red Garden for my next backlog sample, recently I’d requested recommendations for a comedy anime to try out and someone had suggested The Wallflower. Since it happened to be on my shelf as well, and I was still in the mood for a comedy, I decided to try it out. I was apprehensive as I was not particularly fond of the manga–and my apprehension turned out to be well-founded.

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Reading Roundup: February 15 – March 16, 2015

I haven’t been on much of a media consumption kick recently. Actually, that’s not true–I’ve found myself hooked on watching M*A*S*H and Parks and Recreation on Netflix more than my usual viewing of anime and reading of books/manga. However, I did read through a fun by fluffy novel as well as finally checked out a few of the comics I picked up from the 2014 Free Comic Book Day on Comixology.

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Publisher Spotlight: Vertical Comics

When I think about the North American/English manga market, one of the easiest ways to organize it in my mind is to think about it by the publishers/licensors that have brought a Japanese series to the Western audience. Various publishers have certain “feels” to them, an essence that in some way also pervades how I perceive their products. I think this is a worthwhile line of thought to follow, so I’m going to be writing a series of posts highlighting the various manga English licensors and my perceptions of them.

First up: Vertical Comics

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