Yowamushi Pedal v. 1 – Manga Review

Entering high school is a chance to cast off the past and at least plan to form a new identity. Sakamichi Onoda’s plan is to go from enjoying his anime and manga hobbies alone to making a group of friends to share his excitement with. Unfortunately his plans go pear-shaped when it turns out that his new high school’s Anime Research Club has been disbanded due to lack of interest. He holds out hope of recruiting the requisite five members to restart it, but it seems fate has a very different extracurricular in mind for him: the Bicycle Racing Club.

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Ms. Marvel v. 3 – Comic Review

Kamala is finally starting to feel like she has a grip on this “superhero” thing, especially with some context that she’s one of the Inhuman (and not the only one). However, it’s heading on toward Valentine’s Day, and strict parents or not, there’s always mischief to be found when you’re a teenager facing a romantic holiday.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin v. 2 – Manga Review

Narrowly escaping destruction at the hands of the Red Comet, White Base has made it to Earth. Unfortunately, Char’s interference pre-entry has put them off of their planned course and the crew of White Base has found themselves in Zeon controlled territories. With a banged up ship, a sullen mobile suit pilot, impatient refugees, and now two deadly pursuers on their tail, it’ll take all of their wits to make it to Jaburo to complete their mission.

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2016 Tennis Wishlist

With the first balls of the Hopman Cup, Chennai Open, Qatar Open (Doha), Brisbane International, and Shenzhen Open tournaments all struck on January 3rd, the 2016 professional tennis season is underway. 2015 was a great season for tennis, but it was rather lackluster for this tennis fan. Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams are remarkable players, two of the all-time greats most certainly, but they aren’t part of my favorites so watching them take tournament after tournament was a bit of a bruising for me. However, 2016 is a brand new year, so here is my wishlist for the season.

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Reflecting Lights 2015 Anime & Manga in Review

2015 held quite a number of anime/manga-related firsts (or near firsts) for me:

  • Attended my first Otakon
  • Attended a con by myself for the first time
  • First time going to a con in 6-7 years
  • First time cosplaying

And on a non-anime/manga note, I also completed my first (2) half-marathons.

My rates of anime viewing and manga reading were not particularly high, but it was certainly a good year for me with regard to learning more about anime and manga from the friends I made at Otakon who I’ve continued conversing with more. Plus, what can beat cosplaying the Love Live BiBi subgroup with two fun women (and a great photographer)?


@MyleneMcBride (Eli), @ANN_Bamboo (Nico), @Izandra (Maki) / Photography by @Jenagsan

With that, let’s move on to my favorites (and biggest disappointments) of 2015.

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Attack on Titan: Junior High v. 1 – Manga Review

What if Titans weren’t giant human-eaters but were rather just giants who dressed differently than humans (and occasionally stole their lunches)? What if the Survey Corps weren’t soldiers but just members of a forbidden club in their junior high school? Well then, you’d have the Attack on Titan gag manga, Attack on Titan: Junior High.

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Pretty Baby – Book Review

Heidi Wood wants to save the world. From her work with a non-profit literacy organization to keeping her family recycling anything that can be, she’s making her mark where she can. However, when she finds a young woman and baby standing in the rain, she finds herself wanting to make a much larger gesture. Unfortunately, this decision could have greatly unintended consequences for herself and her family.

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Summer Anime 2015 – Season Review

I’ve seen a few folks comment that this was a particularly weak season, even for summer. At the surface, it could certainly seem like one, with what appear to be generic fantasy series, trite cute girls doing cute things, and try-hard drama, but after watching so many shows (including some I hadn’t planned to), there were certainly some very worthwhile shows to watch. Probably none of them will become classics or must-see shows, but I’m glad that I watched many of the shows that I did. Maybe not all of them, but certainly quite a few.

[Note: I had some trouble with the scheduling functionality on WordPress, so the first draft of this post went up a week early. Twice. I’m just not very good with the new WordPress interface. This does have additional content that wasn’t in that original incorrectly timed post.]

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